I can well remember the days when each byte was valuable. Valuable enough for me to use the tape buffer for some machine code on the VIC-20. Then stupidly try and save it to tape.

In those fine old 8-bit days you could know a machine backwards. For some reason, I can still remember that $BB5A was the firmware vector to use on the Amstrad CPC to print the character in the Accumulator. That 16514 was the first address in the first-line REM statement on the ZX81. Useful stuff like that.

So this part of the site holds some general purpose utilities I've made use of while messing around with older machines. Feel free to pick from the menu.

I also now have some machines with proper modern ways of accessing them. So hopefully they may actually get something proper running on them, if I can stop playing Delta and Ant Attack long enough. Seeing your Z80 running on the real silicon is far better than seeing it in an emulator.

Spectrum 48K

Hopefully I will soon be the proud owner of a Spectrum Next. I must admit that will probably replace the old machines I currently have, though it's not technically authentic silicon.

Commodore 64

This has the sd2iec attached to it. A fantastic device that lets you pretend to have a disk drive, which I could never afford back in the day. Even better, it'll work with other Commodore machines that used the 1541 disk drive. VIC-20, I hear you calling!

Super Nintendo

I now have a Everdrive cartridge, and would love to write something for this! Oddly I have no interest in it as a multi-cart tool, but simply so I can feasibly run some code on the SNES. My plan is to create a version of Tornado Low Level for the SNES.