Download is a collection of three projects to provide a download manager, reporter and artifact storage.

Download-schema is the database schema and should be run on your Postgres server.

Download-admin is the web site that provides facilities to delete, edit and add artifacts. In the interface you select the file to store, the key used by the downloader, the MIME type of the file and the filename is should be downloaded as. To install this run dotnet publish -o output in the folder and copy the output folder to your wwwroot and rename it to the name of the application you want to give it. Set up a .NET core application pool if you don't have one and use that for the application. Edit appsetings.json and set the connection string for your Postgres database. Finally password protect the application, unless you really want the entire internet to be able to butcher your artifact storage.

The last component is download which downloads the files from the artifact storage. Again dotnet publish -o output and move and rename the folder to your wwwroot and add it as an application. Again edit appsettings.json and set the connection string for your Postgres database.

You should then be able to download a file by going to the following URL. Use http if https is not available.

https://<server>/<download application name>/api/get/<key>

Version 1.0 of download
Version 1.1 of download-admin
Version 1.0 of download-schema

Latest version of download
Latest version of download-admin
Latest version of download-schema